Andrea Mendivil, LMT #19676




My interest in massage started when I saw how much massage helped with pain management and recovery. I signed up for massage school just a few months after the opportunity presented itself and received my massage license in 2013 after completing training. Since beginning my career I have worked alongside chiropractors and acupuncturists to help clients recover from motor vehicle accidents, work injuries and other muscle pain. Through understanding people‚Äôs struggles with acute and chronic muscle pain and tension, I provide my best care while maintaining clients comfortable. 


I started my own practice on Belmont street in September 2015. The building is shared with acupuncturists, an Ayurveda practitioner and a vocational therapist, creating an inviting space where our shared goal is to help people. When I am not at my Belmont office, I am working with a chiropractor in East Portland. 


If I have any spare time left, I enjoy puppy sitting and exploring Portland.