It's my first time getting a massage, what should I expect?

Prior to begining your massage, you will fill out a                and                            . Once that is filled out, Andrea may ask more questions and you may tell her anything else you feel she may need to know. She will then leave the room so you can comfortable on the table.

Do I have to be completely undressed?

Most people take all of their clothes off and some people leave all their clothes on. This is entirely up to you. For full body massages it is recommended that you dress down to at least your underwear. If only the upper body is being worked on, it is fine to leave pants on. If only the legs are being worked on, it's fine to leave your top on. Keeping this is mind, this is your massage and the more comfortable you are the better your experience will be.  

I was in an auto accident, can I get massage?

Yes. Massage is very helpful after auto accidents and typically reccommended to help reduce pain, reduce swelling, improve circulation and improve range of motion. If you were involved in an auto accident, either your insurance or the other vehicle's insurance will cover your costs.

Is there anytime I should not get a massage?

You should not get a massage if you are sick or getting sick with a cold/flu. A fever, sunburn and any contagious skin diseases or infection are also contraindicated for massage. If you already have an appointment booked, please call or email to reschedule as soon as you start to feel any of these symptoms. If you are thinking about scheduling and have these symptoms please wait until you are fully recovered. Massage will make any cold/flu or fever worse and prolong the recovery time.

Will I be covered with a sheet or towel?

You will be covered with a sheet (and during fall and winter seasons a blanket as well). Andrea will uncover the area that she is focusing on at the moment and then cover you back up when she moves to a different area. Breasts on women and genitals on everyone are always covered. 

Can I get a massage at the same time as my friend/spouse/family?

There is another massage therapist in the building (seperate business) that you would have to contact seperately to make an appointment with. Just be aware that any specials you have through Andrea will not work with the other massage therapist. If you would both like to see Andrea the same day, we can arrange for your massages to be one right after the other.

What is the best way to contact you?

E-mail is the quickest way to get a reply, but any voicemails left will be answered as soon as possible during business hours. Just make sure to leave your name and number so Andrea knows who she's calling back and which number to call back on.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Financial Assistance is available for people in need of a massage, but having some trouble affording it. This includes, but is not limited to, people on retirement, out of work and at or below the poverty line for Oregon. To apply, please e-mail Andrea for an application. Upon approval we can begin to set up your appointment. 

Do you accept health insurance?

Yes. We are currently in network with the following insurance companies:

                                                                                                                                  American Specialty Health